Orthodontists versus Dentists

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Dentists diagnose and treat problems affecting the mouth teeth and gums. They also provide preventive and oral hygiene advice to patients. Actually the orthodontist salary is quite high which is the data i got from orthodontist salary spot.
There are number of steps to take to become a dentist in the United States. You need to have at least a bachelors degree before applying for Dental school; although requirement vary by school. All dental schools expect applicants to have completed certain Science courses such as biology. Although not always a requirement, majoring in a science such as biology could increase your chance of being accepted.
Before applying to Dental school, make sure that you take the Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) which assesses academic capacity and scientific knowledge. Dental Schools are very competitive and consider DAT score and other requirements before admitting students.
After that, you are required to earn a Dental Degree which usually lasts four years and involves classes in subjects such as local anesthesia, anatomy, periodontology and radiology.

General dentist do not require any additional training, however if you wish to specialize, there are nine specialties to choose from. You can become an orthodontist for example. Becoming a specialist requires you to study a further 1-3 years training. Finally, dentist must earn a state license to practice although requirements vary by state.
The role of an Orthodontist
An orthodontist is a dentist who specializes in how the jaws and teeth are aligned. They have the vital duty of helping patients with misaligned teeth or who need some kind of correction. Orthodontists are usually responsible for removing braces and such patient are often referred to them by their general dentist.  This a good choice for your profession simply because even starting salary for orthodontists is quite high.

Orthodontists are expected to go through the typical route of a dentist explained above after which a further three years of orthodontic training is required. They are expected to obtain a license before they can practice

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